Privacy Policy

Information Collected

Information gathered from guests and / or visitors who apply for the various services offered by It includes, but may not be limited to guest and / or visitor's name, contact details, address, ID and address prooofs or any other details required by administration.


Information is primarily collected to facilitate deeper understanding of the guest's needs, better identification, and for fulfillment of legal requirements.

Information Sharing

Information collected from guests and / or visitors is shared with their consent to individuals and / or organizations or any of the service providers as the case may be. Information is also made available where to individuals and / or staff or any of the service providers, as the case may be, have provided contact details in a manner for everyone to view, at their request.
The information may also be shared in pursuance of a legal process or otherwise should a situation arise where it is required by law or legal process to provide information about a guest and / or visitor.
We, however do not promote, sell any identifiable information at the individual level, for any of our guests and / or visitors, to any third party.
Any information given to us is held with confidentiality and security, and is revealed only unless requested by the authority.


This Privacy Policy Statement is subject to revisions from time to time as a result of any amendment / change in policy. For any queries pertaining to Privacy Policy, please write to us at